Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee, FMS Solutions currently services independent retail grocery and independent supermarket operations in approximately 1,800 locations throughout the United States. Since its inception, FMS' core services have been built around providing independent retail grocers and supermarkets with the financial information needed to make informed operational decisions on a daily basis.

Whether you're looking for accounting and payroll outsourcing, financial software applications and services, treasury management, payroll/human resources applications or all of the above, we can provide you with everything you need to excel in today's highly competitive environment.

As our client, you will benefit from solutions that not only help you run your operations more effectively, but also enable you to reduce overhead, decrease human error and increase your bottom line. Beyond providing the latest in financial management technology, FMS's team of professionals has over three decades of retail grocery experience and understands your unique business challenges. We've put our experience to work, developing solutions that are designed specifically for the retail grocery industry to help you:
• Manage cash and costs
• Control inventory and shrink
• Monitor sales and labor

From start to finish, we'll help you capture and analyze valuable data to drive business decisions that improve profitability. Our user-friendly decision support tools enable easy access to, and utilization of, your store's data and operational reports, and require minimal investment of specialized labor. Our team works closely with you and your staff to establish solid performance measures and provide critical benchmarking.

We are also available on a consultative basis to provide ongoing client support to further enhance your operations.FMS Solutions helping you compete strategically and successfully.