The FMS Labor Saver is a web based software system that manages your company’s time and attendance, budgeting, scheduling, and much more. Through the use of the included biometric time clocks and complete integration with POS and payroll, Labor Saver gives you powerful and flexible tools to manage your labor costs. You’ll be able to track and communicate with your workforce, create weekly sales projections and budgets (and make sure your stores are meeting them), and automatically notify management when employees reach hours-worked limits. Because Labor $aver is a web-based software, there’s no expensive software to buy or on site storage needed, and you can check your data from anywhere.

Labor Saver will improve reporting accuracy and help eliminate payroll errors and buddy punching. Your data will be securely stored offsite, improving your digital security. Every aspect of the FMS Labor Saver system was designed to effectively reduce labor costs in a way that meets the needs of the independent grocer.

What do I need to get started?

If you have a wired internet connection and a power source for the time clock, you have everything you need to get started with Labor Saver. FMS will work with you to create the necessary store, department, and revenue categories to integrate with your existing POS, upload all your existing employees, and provide online or onsite training to get you up and running. Labor Saver customers can expect the same outstanding customer support on which existing FMS customers already depend.